Image courtesy: TaskComplete.comMake an elderly person's day by helping them with their daily tasks!

Since today is Willing To Lend A Hand Wednesday, it's the perfect day to offer someone your time, help, or advice! It doesn't have to be anything grand or large - although I'm sure that'd be appreciated! - even the tiniest bit of help to someone means a lot.

A quick note before I dive in: When you offer to help a person in need, don't say "If there's anything I can do to help, please call me!" because most of the time they won't call you. Instead, make good on your offer by contacting them personally to offer your assistance.

Suggestions on ways to help

  • Promise to keep an eye on a neighbor's home and animals while they're away and offer to take care of their lawn while you're at it (keep it mowed, water their outdoor flowers and foliage, etc.).
  • Help a friend or relative move, or at least pack for the move.
  • Take an elderly person grocery shopping - or pick up their groceries for them! - or drive them to a doctor's appointment if needed.
  • Offer to clean the home of a friend or family member if they cannot tidy it themselves.
  • Give someone a ride to work if their vehicle is in the shop or if they lack transportation in general.
  • Volunteer for community projects!

Resources and more ideas

Global Impact - Charitable people who work to provide food, shelter, medical care, job skills and education to those who need it most.

Useful Community Development - This group of positive-minded individuals works to improve communities bit-by-bit via a wide array of projects large and small.

As always, I welcome your positive feedback, thoughts, and suggestions for future articles - feel free to contact me any time!

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